High Hills of the Santee

3 thoughts on “High Hills of the Santee”

  1. Cool trip. I thought Holy Cross was as beautiful a church from the outside as I’ve seen, but regretted not getting to go inside. Likewise with Furman’s church; we didn’t get to go in. That is an intriguing area that kinda got left behind as the state grew elsewhere. I was amazed at the vista from atop the bluffs over the Wateree River. “High Hills” is definitely not a misnomer. (My trip there was perhaps a decade ago.)

  2. I’m a 5 x great granddaughter of Richard Furman. I’m trying to determine exactly where the High Hills of the Santee is. Could anyone give me a general idea, especially the names of highways and roadways it is near? Any other information about the location would be appreciated.

    Felicia Furman

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