Grits and Groceries

3 thoughts on “Grits and Groceries”

  1. You were in my neck of the woods, Tom! Grits and Groceries is indeed, according to all of the magazine write ups, a destination. People come from far and wide – Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte – just to experience this piece of Heaven on Earth.

    I live in Starr, so its not a stretch for me to get take out on the weekend and is one of my favorite places to do so. I’m sorry you didn’t taste Aunt Hattie’s Tomato Pie. If he were here, that’s what Jesus would order at every visit! Heavenly!

  2. Great review! While off the beaten path for many, I have to say Grits and Groceries is one of the places you really need to check out. I was pleasantly surprised by the large portions when I visited.

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