Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

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  1. Enjoyed the trip. My trip on the SMR began in Dillsboro, and returned from Bryson City. I rode in the same kind of car you were in on the way out. We had a steam locomotive on the front, so there was some ash fallout along the way. They had a diesel on the back end, so they didn’t have to switch ends with the locomotives, but just shifted from pull to push or vice versa. On the eastern trip, both sides of the train have good scenery. You have a tunnel, the site of a staged train/bus crash from The Fugitive, and lots of river scenery and countryside. I thought Bryson City was picturesque, but lost all pix I took because the film was ruined in a move shortly thereafter. Glad you all had a good time.

    1. They weren’t doing the Dillsboro run – guess it’s just not the right season. I think they only run the steam engine on that run.

      I’ve kayaked the Tuckaseegee starting in Dillsboro several times, and have paddled past the “train wreck” that was used in the movie The Fugitive. Kind of weird. We always wave at the train as it’s coming by. I don’t remember waving to the train when I’ve paddled the Nantahala, though.

  2. I stay in Bryson City when I go fishing in the GSMNP. I think it’s a fun, unpretentious town. I’ve been there the last weekend in April and they don’t have the railroad running yet. Odd to me– the countryside is very pretty at that time. I guess people wait for summer before they think of doing stuff like that.

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