Governor’s School Reunion

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  1. Greetings from Charleston! Your post made my day. I was the Associate Director of the Governor’s School of SC at the College of Charleston for 18 Governor’s Schools (1991-2008). It was the highlight of my academic career. For 18 years I was also the Associate Director of the CofC Honors College and I began working full-time with the Honors College when the Governor’s School funding ended in 2008. I loved reading your post and I’m delighted that guvies (a term created in the 1980s) are still reaching out to each other. If you email me your mailing addresses I’ll send you a Governor’s School memento. All the best to all of you! Maria Mansfield Richardson 843.953.7878

  2. Class of 1980 and a magical time it was. My time there made me love Charleston and staying up all night and then walking the Battery was a great way to enter my senior year. Have gone to weddings and slept on floors of the friends met there.

    Our senior counselor and dorm counselor both visited me after the fact.
    Our book of poetry is still out there, somewhere. “Rock Lobster Caught in the Stream of Consciousness”
    Thank you B52’s and dance parties.

    Find: Jason Leslie Gray


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