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  1. “Just goes to show that Flickr€™s security protocols aren€™t as tight as they would like.”

    Flickr can make it harder for someone to download (or steal) a photo, but they can’t really prevent it like they want you to think. I won’t go into details here since I don’t want to help thieves, but Flickr’s protection is easily bypassed even by non-techy people. After all, if it’s on my screen I already have it.

  2. That is true. I’ve got half a dozen screen capture programs that make this a moot point. One defense is that I have the original image with EXIF intact, which at least is proof of ownership against screen captures. If they have downloaded the original, not so much.

    I had this same argument with Panoramio, which doesn’t put ANY protections on its images. My point was that just because someone CAN break into your house and steal your stuff doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be locking your doors when you leave.

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