Google Docs Rundown

One thought on “Google Docs Rundown”

  1. The access is the major factor dissuading me from going to Google Docs at this point. I’d love the opportunity to have files in one point and accessible to all my computers. But I don’t have the tethering option in some places. I’d like to find a word processor or integrated package that is less bloated than MS Office but still does good work. Apple had this with Claris Works (later Appleworks), but chose to stop producing this (included at one time on all their new computers), and instead came out with a program (iWorks) that is more powerful but costs a little. Not much, though. Problem is, the Pages program is more like a layout program. Not bad if that’s what you want, but I wonder if it can function as just a writing tool. Sometimes a text editor with the old WP formatting is all that’s needed. Probably, within a very short time, WiFi and MiFi will be so implemented that no one (literally) will be without connection in any spot short of the great white north.

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