Glassy Mountain to Twin Falls

One thought on “Glassy Mountain to Twin Falls”

  1. Last time I was at Twin Falls, I don’t recall a wooden overlook. We took the trail up to the base of the left hand (plunge) fall. As you asy, it is a beautiful and spectacular location.

    I remember the Eastertoe valley from my childhood. My dad installed a fairly high number of the phones put in up there in the 50s and 60s, and we used to ramble up there. Pre-Keowee, so we usually ended up at the end of Hwy 11 at the Girls camp where the rivers come (came) together and the pavement ended. Would drive up the left hand river (Whitewater?) a ways, then walk over the wooden bridges. Water looked a few inches deep, but was a number of feet. “The backside of nowhere”.

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