Ghost Towns of Calhoun County

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  1. Hello. I saw this and saw the comments of the town of Lone Star. I’ve lived in Lone Star my whole life. I know this article was written around 2011 but I wanted to clear up some stuff and mistakes written in the article. The two story brick building was never used as a community center, that is about a mile from downtown located next to a church. The two story brick building served as a grocery store and up until the 2000s served as a magistrates court. It still serves as a Masonic lodge. Also the two old white general stores that are pictured were never sold. To this day they still remain in the family’s that built them in the 1890s. I believe what you are referring to when it comes to the selling of the buildings was the old post office and another store that was moved to Santee to form the Lone Star BBQ Restaurant. I’m not mad about these mistakes, in fact I enjoyed seeing my town featured in an article. It’s pretty cool to live in this kind of setting. I just wanted to take the time to clear some of these mistakes up!

    1. Jeremey, updates and corrections are always welcome. When I had visited I saw that the brick building was set up with tables for meetings, and there was a polling place sign on the door. It looked like the building functions as a center of the community, regardless of whether or not it is called a “community center.” I hadn’t spotted the other building to which you refer.

      My information about the buildings that were sold comes from news articles posted about Lone Star BBQ. As you said, this was the old post office and a couple of other buildings. It’s fascinating to hear that the remaining structures are still owned by the same families. The whole community is an intriguing place, full of history.

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