Geotagging Workflow, revised

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  1. In trying to Geotag the couple of pictures that we took the other day I think I pulled down and installed 20 or 30 free ware programs trying to find the right ones. GPicSync was the best, the one feature I wish it had was time shift. So, if you realized that your cameras timestamp was a few minutes off then you could tell it that and have it compensate.

    The links on my tumblr site were pulled from my account – that’s where you can monitor my progress.

    Thanks again for your help – I’ll let you know how things work out.

  2. I think locr is at the wrong place of your graphic because they enable uploading and photosharing.ok we do not have so many users and so many functionalities like flickr. But we are trying to improve our webpage everyday. But we won`t become similar to flickr because we are focused on Postions and Travelling.

  3. Hello,

    “GPicSync was the best, the one feature I wish it had was time shift.”

    Thanks, the time shift feature is located in the “Options” menu (“local time correction”).

    “GPicSync appears to be from Google, or at least is being developed under Google€™s auspices.”

    In fact GPicSync has no relations with Google. I’ve just used their free Open Source projects hosting plateforme (like Sourceforge) :



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