Geotagging Etiquette

3 thoughts on “Geotagging Etiquette”

  1. 1. Get the location right
    I do this. I’m OCD about doing this.
    2. Name your images
    I rarely do this. Yes, it’s laziness
    3. Don€™t overtag
    I’m good here too
    4. Geotag events only if they are specific to a certain location €“ Locations are germaine to certain events, and some events are more important than others.
    I geotag everything, and adjust the geoprivacy. But still, there’s alot of random stuff in my Flickr.
    5. Geotag people only if they are specific to a certain location
    I fail completely here.
    6. Don€™t geotag your home €“
    I don’t publically geotag the interior shots of my house. But everyone can see my backyard.
    7. Buildings, interesting locations, unusual sights are all worthy of tagging .
    I fail here too. I geotag everything.

  2. I think that if you get #1 right, some of the other can be forgiven. 😉

    And you’re right – setting geoprivacy in Flickr helps separate what YOU want to geotag from what others may want to see.

    As for people, who’s to say, really? Someone’s kid could become famous, and it might be nice to have documentation, sort of like “George Washington slept here.”

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