Furman Opens with a “Thriller”

One thought on “Furman Opens with a “Thriller””

  1. A guy dropped by the UFFP tailgate before the game. I think he’s the guy they hired to run the scoreboard and do the “Wofford Pep Band” role (run the canned music). Seemed really closed to folks’ comments asking that music be tasteful and NOT cranked out to the level that distorted the speakers’ sound. I didn’t even bother to bring up the band – I knew the response I’d get. Well, seems his debut was pretty lame. MANY technical gaffs – clips not coming in, coming in too loudly, too close to plays, during plays. Strangely, a relative who is normally aware of such things didn’t notice any of the problems with the audio. I hope Administration gets a lot of … feedback … hehe from fans about it. Subjecting folks to the stuff I heard is really cruel but not-so-unusual punishment.

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