From Backyard to Ocean

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  1. Interesting. If it were me, I’d consider bearing right across lake Multrie and ending up in a bar in Charleston to ease the aches and pains of a long journey. 🙂

  2. Great write-up. I was researching the trip from Charleston to Columbia and back with a bigger boat in mind. Stumbled upon this route. When I was at school at Clemson, I pondered paddling from Clemson to Savannah, but it never happened. Hope you have more will power than we did!

  3. Tom.
    How are you doing? Hope well. I got 2 Questions for ya. First do I read this as you live on Lake Fairfield? That is where I was raised. First My folks owned a split level on the upper end of the lake, the section of Lake Fairfield dr. that they removed. We always called it the swamp. Then up on the upper end of Hermitage on top of the hill. Then around the lake again to Linwood Ave. As a Kid I fish and ran the creek, lake and woods all summer long for years.
    Lol. Now the important question. Below Van Patton Shoals on the Enoree River. 100 yards or so. I have seen what I thought were the remains of a dam. Was there a dam, maybe power station there?


    1. Tripp, we do live on Lake Fairfield. It seems like most of the lake is swamp now. We used to be able to launch kayaks from behind our house, but we can’t now. Sometimes I wish there was a way to restore the lake, but we still enjoy the wetlands and wildlife.

      There was a dam at Van Pattons, but it was upstream from the shoals, not downstream, as far as I know. I couldn’t find any historical topo maps of the area, but a 1921 soil survey map of Spartanburg County shows the water backing up around an island just upstream from the shoals.

      The usual practice on Upstate rivers was to place the dam above any waterfall or shoals. This way they could take advantage of the height difference in order to drive turbines, etc.

      1. I can’t remember the year. I’m thinking the early – mid 70’s they did some dredging on the lake and the creeks. Dumped the dirt in the area at the bottom of Selwyn Dr (Dead Man’s Hill). Back in the day those houses along Hermitage were lake front. I had a friend living in one of the houses. I think that house is gone now. Wow that lake has changed!

      1. That’s interesting. So maybe there was a dam and power house below the shoals, Maybe it broke and they rebuild above the shoals? Or just like you say, a better location for the fall height, rebuilt and removed the other dam. I would like to go back and see what is still there and get pictures. I want to say there was a round tower, not very tall and some places in the rocks, I assume where for securing something.

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