Family Haunts

6 thoughts on “Family Haunts”

  1. Tom – would love to have been w/ you and Dad – sounds like you had a great day together. You are so good at writing and also all the great pictures. Proud to have such a talented brother! (ok, I’ll make that “brothers” so as not to offend Stephen and Houston!!!) Love you, Sue

  2. interesting stories. I was comparing your photos at the bottom. The chimney and windows seem very close. The thing that gets me is the old photo shows the building extending to the right. I don’t seen how that is possible on the newer shots…there is a window on that right side wall. Hmm…

  3. Tom-What an interesting account of a day well spent by father and son. I don’t think the house shown in the reunion photo is the same as the house seen in in Scott West’s photo.

  4. Tom:

    I sent you an e-mail about these pictures.

    To answer the above question – I believe the house with the reunion is on the road by the “tent revival” location.
    This house has been modernized: We will check it out one day. Dad

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