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  1. I’d contact the Newberry County Library and see if they have any old photos of Old Chappells. Or maybe Newberry County Historical and Museum Society might have some information and/or photos or that area.

    I spoke with a co-worker who was born and raised in Newberry, but he wasn’t aware of the buildings along Old Main St.

    Cool find though!!!!

  2. tom… i’m married to a woman who grew up in Saluda (Jane Cromley); she was the daughter of William M. “Mac” Cromley, Jr. He remembers Chappells as a young boy; his father, W.M. Cromley, Sr., ran a business there (I think he was involved in cotton) for some time. Later, Cromley’s moved to Saluda where they opened a Ford dealership in 1929 (still there and also in Newberry). The original Cromley’s dealership building is one that was moved from Chappells. That building still stands in Saluda (just barely; the roof has caved in) at the intersection of US 378 (Travis Ave.) and N. Jennings Street. Cromley’s still owns it. Mr. Mac told many interesting stories about growing up in Chappells, about standing in the barbership line on the busy Saturdays “saving” places for customers. He said he made a nickel each time (as I recall it). I’m enjoying reading about Chappells, as we visit the family lakehouse there often.

    1. Richard – that’s a great story. I love the thought of earning a nickle for holding a place in line. That was big money for a kid back then.

      I may have to check out that building in Saluda next time I’m down that way.

  3. tom… we’ve just returned from a week at the family home on Lake Greenwood, just above Chappells. I learned a few extra things about Chappells. The house Mr. Cromley Jr. was born in is still standing, on Blackman Road. The Cromley family moved from there to Saluda in 1931.

    Mr. Cromley Sr. did indeed have a business there (third site on the left of “Main Street” as you drive toward the river). It was a general store; he also owned then some sort of connection to Ford Motor Co. which later turned into the Cromleys Inc. dealerships. He bought the old Chappells bank building sometime in the ’40s, diassembled it, and used the bricks to build the “new” dealership in Saluda (described above), modeled after the original Chappells bank. The bank’s vault still exists, in the new Saluda dealership building. I believe that building opened around 1941 (we have a newspaper clipping that alludes to that). I visited the Newberry library while I was there this summer; they have one book on Newberry County history that includes a couple of paragraphs about Chappells. More interestingly, the book also has a map of Chappells detailing each business on Main Street. I found out that there is a man €” last name Dipner €” in Newberry who knows a lot about early Chappells and apparently has photos. His son runs a plant nursery business in Newberry. I didn’t have time on this visit to contact him. Also, fyi, I noticed there is a Dipner Road in Chappells, just west of the “main” intersection.

  4. I am a novice geneologist, living in Southern Wisconsin. The Chappell side of my family originates in Georgia I believe and moved to Montana then Minnesota. I am interested in connecting with family connections if possible. My Dad is Brantly P Chappell, still alive at 97, mother Kathryn Maxson Chappell at 87

    1. I, too, am a novice genalogist. I’m from NW Georgia. I can only go back to about 1800 where I find Allen Chappell. He had a brother named Jesse F Chappell. They appear to have married sisters from NC. Allen had a son named Crosby Dawson Chappell. His son Thomas Lee Chappell is my great-grandfather.
      Any of these names ring a bell?
      Danelia Chappell

  5. Hi My Mother was Ella Mae Chappell from Falkville/Hartselle Alabama. She is the Daughter of Obe Burden Chappell and Ollie Mae Cecil, Obe is the son of James Burden Chappell, and Grand Son of J. B. Chappell (James Burden). He is the Son of James Wesley Chappell (South Carolina, near Columbia) he is Credited with developing the Chappell DOM fighting Gamecocks around 1850. My 1st cousin Betty Maze Patterson has Genology ancestry tree dating the Chappell Family back to 1400 in England. In early 1600 one of our Great Grandfathers was Captain John Thomas Chappell sailed the Ship SPEEDWELL from the Netherlands and England with the MAYFLOWER to America. His son Thomas came to America later and settled in Virginia. He is probably the Sire of American Chappells. Opinions welcomed.

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