Election Aftermath

4 thoughts on “Election Aftermath”

  1. Very well said, Tom. It truly was the nasty attack/fictionalizing campaign that turned me off to McCain as well. Palin was even more into this, coming off as a charicature of an attack dog. I felt, when hearing her, like it was some B grade spot on Comedy Central. I truly wish Senator McCain had avoided the fictionalization of Obama, and simply stuck to his strengths and to critiquiing the legitimate concerns about Senator Obama (like the “experience” bit). I do have to say, though, that ‘experience” was over-rated in this campaign. Some significant people, like Jesus and Thomas Jefferson, did great things when they were “inexperienced”. I expect that Obama’s experience with working with people will trump much of what he supposedly lacks.

    I hope that the Congressional leadership serves better than in the first two years of the Clinton Administration. And, I hope that talk radio is not able to further sully President-elect Obama’s reputation.

  2. I wasn’t going to comment on your post. But two things got me. Number one, I just want to say this is well written, whether or not if I agree. Number two: Just a comment on your last paragraph about the hopefulness that America woke up to this morning – the NYSE didn’t get the message. 486 in the hole today.

  3. I have to disagree with your reasoning. I voted for McCain and the primary reason was his stance on national defense, terrorism, and the war in Iraq. I disliked Obama’s economic views, but I’m not sure McCain’s were any better.

    Among other reasons I heard to vote for McCain/Palin was the strong pro-life stance.

    I won’t disagree that the election was nasty. I read a lot of blogs and there was nastiness on both sides. One liberal blogger suggested Palin should stay home with family (how anti-feminist). And I admit that the conservatives were strongly negative also.

    The Obama is a Muslim, hates America and is a terrorist issues were overblown by the press and were never in the conservative blogs I read.

  4. The beauty of this nation is that you and I can disagree about these issues and express our disagreement by voting for the candidate of our choice. Such discourse is necessary for a functioning democracy, and also serves as a series of checks and balances so that any one party doesn’t gain undo power.

    Where I take issue is with those who would demonize others with opposing views.

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