Ein Deutches Requiem

3 thoughts on “Ein Deutches Requiem”

  1. Remarkably good sound. Although I have a couple of digital cameras, I haven’t really made a good transition from film. I will have to try filming a bit. Thanks.

  2. I’ve heard some pretty good things about that conductor. The Spartanburg orchestra sounds pretty good these days on radio concerts. I recall, when growing up over there or even later, that I found it mediocre in the extreme. I think part of the problem was that so much of Spartanburg’s music and art scene was wed to the scale of Converse. There wasn’t the vision for a bigger, better music group. Kind of a “small town” mentality IMO. Sarah seems to be bringing the group a long way from that.

    I did hear, though, that it can be tough to understand her comments. One of your fellow participants claims to understand our Russian Meistro better. Not sure if I believe him. 🙂 Sounds like a very good event.

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