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  1. The e-mail issue has been on my mind for years. Our computer misuse policy at Clemson makes a statement of “no expectation of privacy.” The American Association of University Professors, on the other hand, had a position paper on e-mail that stated it should be accorded the same respect re privacy as traditional (snail) mail. I pointed this out some years ago to a previous administration, but got nowhere, and deemed it prudent not to push too hard. We now have a new director who is fast-tracking us into some new levels of technology. I may look into raising the issue again … diplomatically.

    I don’t know what to think about the laptop issue. I didn’t have a computer until we could afford one. Thank goodness for the Tandy 1000 series! Having a machine to do papers and other homework is probably a necessity. But, as you imply, it is the social, networked, interactive parts that are the real issue. A tightly quarrantined intranet is not bad, but that cuts off the resources of the broader net. The broader net provides so much, but it’s also a highway to getting into trouble. Good luck with it.

    BTW, I have a lot of respect for Molly.

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