Easter Flight

2 thoughts on “Easter Flight”

  1. Weren’t there any more products you could have promoed? Who cares what kind of camera and GPS you have? Maybe you’re just showing off.

  2. Apparently you care enough to leave a comment.

    There is a point to mentioning the type of camera and GPS. I am constantly analyzing and evaluating the equipment I carry. Others read this blog for recommendations on gear, so I try to mention what I find that works and doesn’t work. First, the Nikon s50 is a tiny pocket camera that produces amazingly good video for something of its size. Secondly, the Magellan 315 is an older unit. It doesn’t write a time stamp into the GPX file like the Garmin does, so it was impossible to geotag the images when I got home. I’d meant to put that into the post, but forgot until your rather blunt comment.

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