Disc Golf at Furman

3 thoughts on “Disc Golf at Furman”

  1. 1) Yep. ‘Twas me.
    2) #2 tee is very near what appears to be an archway for cross country running.
    3) #3 tee is back up the logging road the #1 basket is on.
    4) #6 basket–After you finish #5 by the obstacle, look at the lake and point left. Now walk about 30-50 yards in that direction. The tee is over there.
    5) #7 tee is not far from the #6 basket. It faces the basket in the same direction as #5’s tee faces (toward the lake)
    6) To find #8, you have to walk all around the big trees.
    7) #9 is past the just bathrooms
    8) Yeah…the course was a great idea that just never got finished.

    1. Thanks for the updates, Otis. I may give it another shot, now that I’m armed with this info. It just seemed a bit crowded to go searching for the tees, I was hot and tired.

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