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  1. Okay to meet the needs of your apparently strong creative streak, go with a Mac (i would suggest a MacBookPro) and to get your Windows fix, get a dual processor so you can visit the Windows Side a few times to realize it is unnecessary. To feed the need to have a PC anyway, buy an Asus EEEPC Netbook, and let the cloud computing commence. Then you won’t feel so guilty abandoning your old desktop.

    BTW you will love Garage Band.

    1. That price point difference for the Macs is pretty hard to stomach. I’ve had a Macbook for awhile, now, and have been playing with Garage Band.

  2. Apple is apparently coming out with a 20″ iMac for sub $1000. Nice looking specs IMO. I use a 24 inch iMac at home, with all the Creative Suite Apps (web apps are 3, image and pubs are 4). Never fooled with Garage Band. You might want to talk to Bootie, as he does a lot of the stuff you do and uses a Macbook Pro. I have one of those as well, but not the very latest.

    On the PC side, Clemson had a “big buy” agreement with Dell that let me get my last desktop at about $600 for the tower, mouse, and keyboard. XP loaded (I think you can still get this in some cases), and DVI video on a nice card. The AMD processor is a 64 bit processor, and the machine is a screamer. It’s the most stable Windows machine I’ve used.

    On the pricepoint, I’ve seen this go back and forth. If you’re talking laptops, it really isn’t as big a deal as some say – depending on what you consider “equivilant” features and hardware. I will say that, for my money, I have bought Macs. BUT, I also love the machine I have at work, which is the Dell running XP.

    I’ve thought about updating my home wireless. I can hook in drives on my router that would give all my computers access to the drives. I have an el cheapo router that I was considering replacing with an airport base stateion for faster speeds.

    Best of luck!

  3. … which reminds me. I’m looking for a tv tunor (external) I can use to watch tv on my Macs at home. I don’t want to buy a digital tv when I have a high quality display anyway. Any thoughts on good USB or firewire tuners? External.

  4. Sorry about the multiple posts. I was thinking about what I paid for my laptop. It was offered at a considerble discount. The new Pros are IMO quite expensive. Very fine machines, but they are expensive.

  5. Yeah, that’s what I keep going back and forth on. I’ve got this Macbook, and I know all the pros and cons of both systems. It’s just that right now I’ve got medical expenses, and had also wanted a new kayak before I shelled out for a new computer.

    I may go the docking station route for the time being with my district-issued laptop.

    As for the Mac TV tuner, I saw a couple online by Googling that phrase, but I don’t know anything about quality or what to recommend. One was an HD tuner in USB stick form.

  6. Don’t forget your education discount possibilities. And your wife’s. The hardware on my Dell desktop was bought through Clemson’s Big Buy, and it is positively SINFUL what I got for under $600! Same went for my MacBook Pro at the Clemson Apple Store.

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