Darby Road Discoveries

4 thoughts on “Darby Road Discoveries”

  1. The old building. On Darby bridge road was Greenville water filtration building, I as a kid played there a lot.

  2. I was just at the water works ruins about an hour ago & explored the whole thing. It’s amazing! You need to see it. If you’d like me to send photos, send me a message. – T.

  3. Commenting on a very old post, but you seem like the guy to ask, and this is the most relevant post to do it on. Right off of Little Texas Road is Fallout Shelter Road, which looks like it goes to a locked gate and further down toward the reservoir I hike to and camp at on Paris Mountain. The area is near some round water storage buildings, but google maps shows some other buildings back there. Intrigued by the idea that the city built a fallout shelter in such a remote location. Any insights?

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