Chasing the Swamp Rabbit – Part 2, From Salley to Wagener

8 thoughts on “Chasing the Swamp Rabbit – Part 2, From Salley to Wagener”

  1. The Y just north of Perry is still quite noticeable on a satellite view, being bounded by Arizona Ave. West, E. Railroad Ave., and Walter St. : Google Maps Satellite link. It’s fascinating how abandoned railroads can leave such noticeable traces of their existence for so long after the rail has been gone.

    1. Indeed. I spotted the junction in Google Earth both before and after the trip. However, for some reason it didn’t get transferred to my GPS. Oh well.

      1. No big deal. There’s always next time. And you still had a great adventure!

        What struck me were the red Southern cabooses, almost as if having one is a requirement for a heritage display. If you remember we also saw one at Shoals Junction, and Hendersonville’s depot has one too.

        1. There is also the one in Wellford. That might be another list of “things” one could track on Google Earth.

          1. I did photograph that one. No just haven’t written up that part of the trip. πŸ˜‰

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