Chasing the Swamp Rabbit – Illegally

8 thoughts on “Chasing the Swamp Rabbit – Illegally”

  1. I want to ride this trail sometime. I have a road bike that is great on pavement.

    I’d love to see the area down near Monteghan Mill now that the trail is paved. I was down there in February, and found the old industrial stuff fascinating. Apparently the mill has been converted to housing.

  2. I enjoyed reading your story but I especially enjoyed seeing the pictures. We’ve only walked some of the trail so far but plan to walk the whole trail eventually.

  3. There’s a fairly easy detour (except for the steep hill up the bridge) around the closure, I don’t know why they don’t suggest it temporarily my wife and go this route every time we ride it. If your coming from Furman turn left on to W Washington St. up over the bridge then right at the light on Bramlett Rd. and get back on the the trail at CSX.

  4. I came back to read this post after walking the trail yesterday. I saw the two white signs (one on either side of the tracks), and a orange barricade at each end. The barricade was positioned to only block about half of the trail and NOBODY I saw turned back. It was a busy Saturday. We decided that the barricades and signs are designed to clear the city / county of liability. If something happens to someone this is their, “We told you not to be there.” If they really didn’t want people back there it wouldn’t be hard to block the entire trail.

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