PACT Replacement

The Palmetto Achievement Test is no more. Beginning this year students in South Carolina will be taking new standardized tests. Unfortunately, new test doesn’t have a nifty new name or acronym, so State Superintendent Jim Rex has asked for help in coming up with a name. This is one opportunity that is just too good … Continue reading PACT Replacement

Audio Journeys – The Anderson Jockey Lot

Jesus and Knives

Paul and I made our annual trek to the Anderson Jockey Lot. We always try to take a newbie with us – someone not yet immersed in southern flea market culture. Lately this has been a new faculty member at Furman, and this year was no different. Karen Buckmeuller was our victim this time. She couldn’t convince her new husband, Herman Holt, to come along with us. Several others were also supposed to go with us, but wimped out, too.

As I’ve learned, the denizens of the Jockey Lot get very nervous around cameras, and with good reason. We saw several less-than-legal items for sale. I was still able to snap a few shots, though. Most useful was the little Sansa Clip recorder. I clipped it to my shirt and left it recording the entire time we were there. I got some fascinating conversations. I’ve edited it down to the best clips and added a little background music, then posted it to It’s about six minutes long.

In this audio clip, you will here the following, in order:

  • Question about the price of a Megatron helmet
  • Haggling over the sale of a car
  • A discussion about a breed of dog
  • The benefits of using fake security cameras
  • A bird saleslady
  • A call to repentance for stealing cars
  • A discussion of spicy pickled tomatoes
  • How society has been destroyed
  • The problems with Dale Earnhardt candles and Teresa Earnhardt
  • Good beans
  • Night blooming plants
  • A rooster crowing
  • Another dog salesman
  • And finally, selling big time

There were several more conversations I would have loved to have captured. Continue reading “Audio Journeys – The Anderson Jockey Lot”

21 Accents

Via BoingBoing, I found this YouTube clip of actress Amy Walker saying the same sentence in 21 different accents. I listened to it with amazement. In my mind, she nailed every one of them with one notable exception – her Southern accent from Charleston, SC, sounded like the contrived, overdone version that Hollywood tends to … Continue reading 21 Accents

Gamecocks and Chickens

I don’t get it. Columbia seems to have an unusual number of establishments where you can eat chicken, especially wings. Yet the USC mascot is the Gamecock. Isn’t that a bit cannibalistic?? I mean, it would kind of be like Maryland (Terrapins) having lots of eateries that feature turtle stew. Perhaps it’s a chauvinistic thing. … Continue reading Gamecocks and Chickens

Vote for Michael

Ralph Nader has once again announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Failing to gain the support of a major (or not-so-major) party, he is running as an independent. This got me thinking about the other also-rans – that extremely long list of candidates that never get the coverage of the Hillaries, Obamas, … Continue reading Vote for Michael