An Old Fashioned Blog

Laura was with me in Barnes and Noble when I lingered over the leather journals. Later she apparently read my blog poston the subject. Subsequently, I received a beautiful leather-bound journal for Christmas. As I wrote earlier, the temptation was to put the journal away and use it for a special project. In my heart … Continue reading An Old Fashioned Blog

Remembering Eddie

On Friday, June 18, 2010, Eddie Taylor lost his battle with cancer. Eddie was married to my sister, Beth. They have three children, Mason, Blair, and Phillip. Our friendship began out of rivalry. It was 1985 and Eddie had just started dating Beth. That year Newberry College played Furman, and beat them in the very … Continue reading Remembering Eddie

Help Save Funding for SCETV!

I normally don’t copy and paste from other websites, but this is important. Funding for SCETV may be drastically reduced because of a veto by Gov. Sanford. Here’s a press release… ETV Appeals to the Public to Contact Their Legislator and Help Overturn Governor Mark Sanford’s Vetoes For Immediate Release June 11, 2010 Columbia, SC… … Continue reading Help Save Funding for SCETV!

Metalhead No More

Today was the day. After having them for not quite two years, my braces came off. It was a strange experience, but I’m glad to have moved on to the next phase of this project. Of course, the timing wasn’t great. This was our big concert weekend, and the Hebrew and Italian were sometimes painful … Continue reading Metalhead No More

A Surprise Photo Trek

A couple of weeks ago Houston celebrated his 60th birthday. We wanted to hold a surprise birthday party for him, and he provided us the perfect opportunity this weekend. Houston suggested that he come up to visit, and we could head out for one of our photo treks. What he didn’t realize was that while … Continue reading A Surprise Photo Trek

Weekend Update

Cosmo in the Tree

It’s that time of year. Between concert schedules, Christmas parties, and a frantic work schedule I haven’t been able to post much. I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks off for winter break to catch my breath a bit. Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening, though…

Greenville Chorale

We did our Christmas Concert this year at McAlister Auditorium on the Furman campus. The concert last Friday night was well-attended. The music was more challenging than we had anticipated. We did Paul Patterson’s Magnificat, in addition to our standard fare of carols, etc. The Magnificat had difficult rhythms and strange jazz harmonies that didn’t resolve as expected. However, we made it through, and I’m sure the audience had no indication of the difficulties we had.

The Chamber Ensemble was asked to promote the concert on the local Fox TV station. We appeared on air Friday morning as part of the Fox Rocks segment. An octect from the group recorded in a fantastic new studio on Augusta Road, and we got some great audio tracks. Even though we recorded four songs, only about fifteen seconds actually aired. Here’s a link to a full song that they put on their website.

Continue reading “Weekend Update”

Bearing the Pall

“What do you think they’ll have?”

“I think you could guess just as easily as I could”

  • fried chicken
  • sliced ham
  • green beans
  • macaroni & cheese
  • corn
  • biscuits
  • potato salad
  • deviled eggs
  • congealed salad – multiple varieties, but at least one green and one pink
  • banana pudding

And, yes, my sister and I nailed it. The menu was exactly as predicted. And it was comforting and tasty – just as funeral food is meant to be.

funeral food

But, backing up a bit…

Thursday evening I got a call from my father that my Uncle Raymond Johnson passed away after a prolonged illness. Uncle Raymond was 93, and was a quiet, peaceful man who lived his entire life in the town of Calhoun Falls. Uncle Raymond had married my father’s oldest sister, Mary, who had passed away several years ago. They had one son, Sherwin, who still lives in the area. The funeral was Saturday, so I picked up my sister, Glynda. then my parents for the drive down to Calhoun Falls. Continue reading “Bearing the Pall”

Another Busy Week

I’m looking and my last blog post was for last Sunday. I find it hard to believe that it’s been a whole week since I last posted anything here, but it’s been that kind of week. Right now I’m sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight Maine, where I hope to get some … Continue reading Another Busy Week