Been away a bit

We took a quick trip to DC over the weekend.  Even though I supposedly had WiFi in this hotel where we stayed, I couldn’t connect.  I’ll post things when I get a chance, making sure to change the date accordingly. I took a ton of photos.  It may take a bit longer to get any of … Continue reading Been away a bit

More site discoveries

As I tweak the site, I’m discovering more and more cool things. There are some interesting e-mail possibilities (which I won’t mention because of Spam potential.) I also finally got the links page to work, although it won’t sort by category. Oh well – at least it’s a start. Speaking of links, I guess I’m … Continue reading More site discoveries

The Sky Is Falling

The movie “The Day After Tomorrow” opens this weekend.  I haven’t decided whether to see it on the big screen or wait and see it as a rental.  From what I can see from the trailers, it looks it’s going to be a standard disaster flick, somehow involving global climatic changes and the onset of … Continue reading The Sky Is Falling