Blogging Dilemma

OK, I said I wasn’t going to do it, but here it goes… It’s been a crazy week. Heck, the last four YEARS have been crazy! The fact that I’m writing this on my phone should speak volumes. Anyway. This has left me with a bit of dilemma. I am FAR behind in my blogging. … Continue reading Blogging Dilemma

Blogging Hiatus

With my mother’s illness and passing I haven’t had much time to get out and explore, paddle, or take photos.  That means there haven’t been many posts on RandomConnections.  Those posts are about to get even further between for awhile.  I’m going to take 2-3 weeks off from posting.  Don’t worry.  I’m not abandoning the … Continue reading Blogging Hiatus

Ghost Town Request

My spring break is coming up the first week in April, and I’m hoping to spend some of it hunting ghost towns in South Carolina. I’ve got a list of potential targets, but I need some more suggestions. Here’s a list of the ones I’ve already visited… Old Pickensville Pinckneyville Lone Star Fort Motte Kingsville … Continue reading Ghost Town Request

An Old Fashioned Blog

Laura was with me in Barnes and Noble when I lingered over the leather journals. Later she apparently read my blog poston the subject. Subsequently, I received a beautiful leather-bound journal for Christmas. As I wrote earlier, the temptation was to put the journal away and use it for a special project. In my heart … Continue reading An Old Fashioned Blog

Remembering Eddie

On Friday, June 18, 2010, Eddie Taylor lost his battle with cancer. Eddie was married to my sister, Beth. They have three children, Mason, Blair, and Phillip. Our friendship began out of rivalry. It was 1985 and Eddie had just started dating Beth. That year Newberry College played Furman, and beat them in the very … Continue reading Remembering Eddie

Help Save Funding for SCETV!

I normally don’t copy and paste from other websites, but this is important. Funding for SCETV may be drastically reduced because of a veto by Gov. Sanford. Here’s a press release… ETV Appeals to the Public to Contact Their Legislator and Help Overturn Governor Mark Sanford’s Vetoes For Immediate Release June 11, 2010 Columbia, SC… … Continue reading Help Save Funding for SCETV!

Metalhead No More

Today was the day. After having them for not quite two years, my braces came off. It was a strange experience, but I’m glad to have moved on to the next phase of this project. Of course, the timing wasn’t great. This was our big concert weekend, and the Hebrew and Italian were sometimes painful … Continue reading Metalhead No More

Children’s Cemetery Oddities

On the way back from our paddling trip on Monday Alan and I stopped by the Duncan Chapel Methodist Cemetery, better known as the “Children’s Cemetery.” Alan had never been here, and was unaware of the cemetery’s existence. I had visited before, and was both intrigued by the history, and disturbed by the amount of … Continue reading Children’s Cemetery Oddities

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