A Visit to the Museum of Pop Culture

Museum of Pop Culture

Laura’s Mini was up for routine maintenance. One of the problems we discovered when we moved up here was that the nearest Mini Cooper dealership was all the way down in Seattle. Regardless, we made a morning appointment for Tuesday of this week. Since we were already down in the Seattle area, we began looking for other things to do in town. We settled on the Museum of Pop Culture. Continue reading “A Visit to the Museum of Pop Culture”

PNW Southern Connections – Part 1, The Lost Cause

Skagit Valley Foggy Sunrise-004

The “small world syndrome” always catches me off-guard. At the Bellingham Folk Festival I met musicians that live in Asheville and frequently play in Greenville. Even just meeting someone who has visited South Carolina, much less my home town, makes me feel a connection. As I’ve found out, though, the Southern connections with the Pacific Northwest are even deeper than I had thought. Continue reading “PNW Southern Connections – Part 1, The Lost Cause”

A Visit to Northern State – Part 2, The Recreation Area

Northern State Hospital Recreation Area

I was on an old-fashioned ramble, much like the ones I used to do back in South Carolina. I was visiting the site of Northern State Hospital, a former mental asylum that is purportedly haunted. So far I had visited the hospital’s on-site cemetery, but now I was ready to explore the park that surrounds the hospital. Continue reading “A Visit to Northern State – Part 2, The Recreation Area”

A Visit to Northern State – Part 1, History and Cemetery

Northern State Hospital Ruins

Laura and I were working on her mother’s estate and had an appointment in town with an insurance agent. We arrived a bit early, so Laura suggested that we try to find the old Northern State Hospital just outside of Sedro-Woolley. It had been featured Ghost Hunters, one of Laura’s favorite shows, so she wanted to see it. When we arrived we found only open space and ruins. We had to get back for our appointment, but I had seen enough to know that it warranted another visit. So the next morning I paid a visit to the old mental asylum. Continue reading “A Visit to Northern State – Part 1, History and Cemetery”

Busy Weekend Update

Eagle Haven Winery - Wine and Chocolate-003

Art, Wine, Chocolate, Football, Beaches, Forts, Rain, Flooding – the past several days have been jam-packed, though large chunks of it were spent sitting around and waiting for the power to come back on. I’m going to save the flooding bit for a follow-up post, but here’s a rundown of our hectic weekend. Continue reading “Busy Weekend Update”