Skagit Farmers Markets and Locally Sourced Foods

Edison Farmers Market-2

It’s harvest time in Skagit Valley. That means fresh fruits and vegetables everywhere, picked right from the fields we have to drive through to get to the island. It seems most of our visits to the area have been in August just as things are coming into season, so I’ve always been impressed with the bounty. This past week we made the most of it. Continue reading “Skagit Farmers Markets and Locally Sourced Foods”


Yellowstone Route

Today was the one day we had planned to not travel any further west. We had allowed one day to explore Yellowstone National Park. Only one day in Yellowstone is blasphemy, but it’s what we had. We made the most of it. Even though we didn’t make any progress on our western migration, we still covered about as many miles as any other day so far. Continue reading “Yellowstone”

Paducah to Council Bluffs

I had hoped to do a detailed blog of each day’s travels as we drove westward. That’s not gonna happen. I’ve decided upon an alternate strategy. I’m going to hit the highlights each day, then come back and post more photos, etc., once the ground stops moving beneath our rear ends. Heck, I’ve even stopped trying to process all of the photos each evening. We’re too exhausted by day’s end. Continue reading “Paducah to Council Bluffs”