Lone Roaming

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to take a vacation without contacting or being contacted by work.  I guess I could leave the cell phone and laptop at home. Our plan was to catch a ferry to the San Juan Islands today.  Plans change.  Laura woke up with a terrible pain in her back, … Continue reading Lone Roaming

Holding Still

We’re not planning to drive anywhere today.  It will just be a lazy day relaxing on the island.  I’ve taken the time to make some changes to this web page.  The comments are now visible on this page without having to click on an additional link.  You will see them in italics below the log … Continue reading Holding Still

Crossing the Cascades

We awoke this morning much later than any other day on our trip.  I guess knowing that we don’t have that far to go has made us slow down a bit.  The day was clear and beautiful, and we could hear the low hum of milions of megawatts of power being generated just across the … Continue reading Crossing the Cascades

Grand Coulee

Last night it struck us that we have to drive back.  With that realization, we decided that we wanted to stay still as long as possible, so we decided to stick to the interstates and get to Samish Island a day earlier. We headed north out of West Yellowstone at 7:00 AM.  The road briefly … Continue reading Grand Coulee