Sabbatical Reflections

In our basement is an odd collection of boxes left over from a storage unit we had been using while moving.  I had never gotten around to sorting and throwing away, so I thought now was to time to reclaim some floor space.  Easier said than done.  Most of these boxes contained things such as … Continue reading Sabbatical Reflections

Doing That DC Thang

It’s Furman’s Spring Break!  Yep, right here at the end of February.  So, with threats of snow in the forecast for Virginia and Maryland, we decide to head to Washington DC to see our friends John and Kate Kaup, who are up there for a year while on sabbatical. The snow wasn’t enough to hinder … Continue reading Doing That DC Thang

There and Back Again

We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  The Cracker Barrel.  The first one ever opened in Lebanon, Tennessee.  It should have been more impressive than it sounds, but it wasn’t.  The only interesting thing was that they serve syrup in mini-bottles. We were in a hurry to get home.  Apparently traffic and construction were going to … Continue reading There and Back Again

Last Night on the Trail

Kansas City seems like a nice city.  St. Louis seems like a nice city.  So what happened in between?  I’ve been none too impressed with what I’ve seen along I-70.  Blue Springs seemed like a loud, rude town, and it seemed like this attitude continued eastward.  We saw more billboards along this route, particularly for … Continue reading Last Night on the Trail

Flat as a…

If some railroad official hadn’t driven a spike into a railroad tie 140 years ago about 600 miles west of here, we might have gotten more sleep last night.  Our motel seems to be right across the road from the Transcontinental Railroad.  We had seen lots of trains yesterday, bu we heard even more during … Continue reading Flat as a…

Fly Over States

If the settlement of the West had been left up to yuppies in fancy convertibles, the Sioux, Apache, Shoshone, and others would have had little to fear.  Planning to make a life in, or ever crossing this harsh environment, must have taken a determination I can scarcely fathom.  Today our route took us along more … Continue reading Fly Over States