Drifting to Myrtle Beach

I can’t believe we’re doing this. I’m not sure I’ve ever stayed in Myrtle Beach in the middle of summer. I’ve heard rumors about impossible traffic, long lines, and noise, not to mention the South Carolina heat and humidity. This being one of the last few weekends we have free before school ramps back up, we decided to head to the beach, and for some strange reason, Laura wanted Myrtle. Continue reading Drifting to Myrtle Beach

More Philly Food

So many restarants, so little time, money, and room for expansion in my waistline.  Since I’ve already covered the NECC happenings for the day, I’ll just hit the highlights – the food. Lunch – the spicy aromas from Reading Terminal Market once again drew me in.  Today I ate at Profi’s Creperie, which was right … Continue reading More Philly Food

Another Day @ NECC

OK, so I’ve run out of Philadelphia song titles.  Sure, I could have used Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom, but that 1976 release to me marked the irreparable decline of his musicso, no, I won’t quote it. Another breakfast in business casual, and it was off to the convention center.  It figures that if I bought … Continue reading Another Day @ NECC

The Streets of Philadelphia

NECC – Day 2 I was bruised and battered and I couldn’t tell what I feltI was unrecognizable to myselfSaw my reflection in a window I didn’t know my own faceOh brother are you gonna leave me wasting awayOn the streets of Philadelphia — Bruce Springsteen Morning dawned with lingering rain.  I donned the prerequisite “business … Continue reading The Streets of Philadelphia

Sailing to Philadelphia

NECC – day 1 File this under “What the hell was I thinking.”  My flight to Philadelphia leaves Greenville at 6:15 AM.  As I packed, I wondered if I would have the plane all to myself.  As I was looking up information on where I was staying, I was still having those same doubts about … Continue reading Sailing to Philadelphia

Hurry up and wait

Last day in Vermont, and a travel day.  We had breakfast at Steve’s Diner, just across from the Inn.  This is the type of place only open for breakfast and lunch, and where the waitresses are on a first-name basis with the clientele.  No grits, of course, but we both had delicious pancackes with maple … Continue reading Hurry up and wait

The Road Less Travelled

It was a foggy morning, and we were slow getting started.  After wandering for the past two days, we both thought it would be great to stay close to town.  The day started out very foggy, but it looked like it would burn off.  Laura grabbed her book and headed for the Adirondack chairs, and … Continue reading The Road Less Travelled