Juniper Run

The decision was not made lightly.  Do we go to Disney World, or do we go camping, kayaking, and four-wheeling?  After spending eight days without power, we figured we had already done the camping thing, but we decided for Ocala National Forest over animated mice. We packed up the convertible and headed out at 6:00 … Continue reading Juniper Run


I am now iPodal and xBoxed. I can now be entertained six ways from Sunday via tiny gadgets with more computing power than the one that powered the early Apollo program. Several of Chip’s friends had gotten xBox 360s, and were unloading their old xBoxes a cut-rate prices. He passed one along to me. So … Continue reading Snowbirds

Rhododendron Cafe

For our final evening in Washington State we decided to visit the Rhododendron Cafe.  There were three reasons for this selection.  First, we had been there before, and the food was good that time.  Secondly, it’s too small to have a Friday night buffet, which is the way many of our favorite seafood joints in … Continue reading Rhododendron Cafe

Calico Cupboard

A trip to La Conner wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Calico Cupboard.  This morning, we arrived before many of the stores had opened, so we stopped in.  I try to get by here for lunch either at this location or in Anacortes at least once on these trips. Atmosphere This started as a … Continue reading Calico Cupboard

Samish Island Caches

Duff McDaniel, Mrs. Wright’s next door neighbor, had recently purchased a 4-wheel drive vehicle, and wanted to put it through it’s paces.  I couldn’t think of a better way to try it out than to search for a couple of geocaches located up in the hills, so Thursday we decided to go on a hunt. … Continue reading Samish Island Caches

Skagit Valley Views

I absolutely love the Skagit Valley and area surrounding Mount Vernon/Burlington.  If I didn’t have such close ties to South Carolina, I’d move out here in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, many others feel the same way.  Hence, the weather conspiracies, etc. The farmlands above are dotted with Victorian-styled houses and huge old barns.  Something is always … Continue reading Skagit Valley Views

Cap Sante

cap-sante On Tuesday Laura and I rode over to Anacortes on Fidalgo Island. Cap Sante is a rocky outcrop with views of Fidalgo and Padilla Bays. Just beyond the close island on the left, lying low, is Samish Island, where Mrs. Wright lives. This image was created using the Nikon S1’s panorama assist feature. It gives … Continue reading Cap Sante

Even More Pumpkins

Laura:  I think pumpkins are the most photogenic vegetable. Mrs. Wright:  Eggplants are interesting, too. And so, we found more pumpkins to shoot.  No eggplant, though. For some reason, people in Washington like to stack rocks… We went out to dinner at a Chinese place in Burlington.  Parked next to the restaurant was this bike … Continue reading Even More Pumpkins

Pumpkin Photo Phun

With the weather so lovely, we decided to go to La Conner for shopping and lunch.  We seemed to encounter pumpkins everywhere, first at the end of our driveway, and even on our table.  Here are some of the images.  I’ve linked to the larger images on Flickr, because you need to see the full … Continue reading Pumpkin Photo Phun