Despite some threatening clouds in our area, we decided to take the convertible up through Pisgah National Forest and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The roads were a bit crowded, as one might expect for a holiday weekend, but the weather held off and we had a nice drive.  I battled the crowds at Looking … Continue reading Parkway

ACE Basin

Leaving Beidler Forest, we had a decision to make.  Should we join the madness at Magnolia Garden, or should we seek out more wildlife?  Earlier in the day we had driven through a historic residential section of Summerville and were able to enjoy the beauty of azaleas in that area.  We decided that was enough, … Continue reading ACE Basin

Francis Beidler Forest

This has always been a special place for us.  Beidler Forest is located in the Four Holes Swamp, and is managed by the Audubon Society and the Nature Conservancy.  Beidler features a mile-long boardwalk through  dark cypress swamps.  It is best experienced early morning or evening when birds and animals are more active.  It is … Continue reading Francis Beidler Forest

A Charleston Weekend

Nevermind that it is peal azalea season.  Nevermind that it’s also biker weekend.  Nevermind that the Family Circle Cup is being played in town.  Nevermind that it’s spring break for many.  Nevermind that there isn’t a hotel room to be had for miles around.  We’re heading to Charleston! Our plan was to somehow avoid the … Continue reading A Charleston Weekend

FETC – Going Home

Twice yesterday I’ve watched my collegues head out without me, and wished I were with them.  First was their trip to Emeril’s, with reservations at the same time as one of the sessions I wanted to attend, then again last night as they headed home. When I made my travel arrangements, two things were going … Continue reading FETC – Going Home

FETC – Day 2 Session, Part 1

The morning started with a session by Chris Dede of the Harvard Graduate School of Education entitled "NeoMillennial Learning Styles:  Emerging Educational Technologies, Distributed Learning Communities".  While this presentation touched on the same themes covered by Bill Daggart and David Warlick, it did so in the dry pedantic style one might expect from a Harvard … Continue reading FETC – Day 2 Session, Part 1