Cheers and Jeers

Dulles Internation Airport 7/16/06 4:50 PM Eastern Time I’m probably not going to be able to post on a regular basis from here on out, so I’ll include location and local time.  Obviously, we’re finally on our way,   and to that end some recognition is in orderr.  Yes, I’m naming names, and in some cases … Continue reading Cheers and Jeers

Failure to Launch

Right now I’m supposed to be picking up my suitcase from baggage claim at London Heathrow.  Obviously, I’m not. We got to the airport over two hours before our departure to find huge lines at the United Airlines desk.  This did not bode well.  Neither did the "cancelled" and "delayed" signs in front of just … Continue reading Failure to Launch

Key Largo to Key West

…and half-way back. The day was the epitome of vacation.  It began by witnessing the morning ablutions of the Mariott staff, as they attempt to restore the resort to pristine conditions before the guests awaken.  All of the pool and beach chairs are aligned just so.  The sand is raked to remove any footprints from … Continue reading Key Largo to Key West

Summer Solstice on Key Largo

Waiting for sunset on the longest day of the year…   …although, I think tomorrow at 12:13 PM is actually the solstice. Our car has now been completely across the country diagonally, from the Florida Keys to the extreme Pacific Northwest.  The drive southward from Amy’s was uneventful, albeit rainy, and we got to the … Continue reading Summer Solstice on Key Largo

Intruder Alert

I-95 is the major north-south artery from New England to Miami.  One sees many interesting things along its path (South of the Border, Snow Birds, most of Georgia, etc).  On this particular trip southward we passed one of these things:   The lovely motor home you see above is a Damon Intruder.   As soon … Continue reading Intruder Alert

Dupont Forest Falls

  Such a dilemma – should I relax with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper, or should I venture out once again? I decided on the adventure.  My target for today would be the Dupont State Forest just over the state line in North Carolina.  I’d heard about the abundance of waterfalls in … Continue reading Dupont Forest Falls