Pumpkin Photo Phun

With the weather so lovely, we decided to go to La Conner for shopping and lunch.  We seemed to encounter pumpkins everywhere, first at the end of our driveway, and even on our table.  Here are some of the images.  I’ve linked to the larger images on Flickr, because you need to see the full … Continue reading Pumpkin Photo Phun

It’s a Myth

I think tourism officials for the state of Washington and the Weather Channel are in cahoots.  The forecast for the Seattle and San Juans was to be rainy all week, and we prepared for such.  When we arrived yesterday, and as the sun rose this morning, it was as clear as a bell.  Come to … Continue reading It’s a Myth


Breakfast was across the street at Caribou Cafe, then it was off to the Metro, and back to the Mall.  My flight home was at 2:00 PM, so we didn’t have much time for sight seeing.  We decided to hit what monuments we could. The day was much hotter, and it took us longer to … Continue reading DC2GSP

Shaken, Not Stirred

The Helix has a marvelous champagne social from 5:00 until 6:00.  After a day of exploring DC, Laura and I enjoyed a complimentary beverage while watching traffic in the lobby.  Not long after we got our drinks, Tim H arrived and joined us.  After a couple of glasses, we left him to continue checking in, … Continue reading Shaken, Not Stirred

Hotel Helix

Imagine if you took all of the designers on those weird BBC makeover shows and turned them loose on a hotel, and you would have the Hotel Helix. One enters through sliding curtains – not doors – and is hit with multicolored squares of light that change colors every few seconds. Continue reading Hotel Helix


Laura has a conference in DC, so I decided to tag along for the weekend to visit our friends John and Kate. At four on a Friday we boarded a flight at GSP straight to Reagan International. Continue reading GSP2DC

Myrtle Beach Sunday

A loud explosion with accompanying car alarms woke me up. With the same mindset as those throngs I criticized last night, I stepped outside to see what was happening. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary (at least, for Myrtle Beach) so I stepped down to the lobby for coffee. Continue reading Myrtle Beach Sunday