FETC – Going Home

Twice yesterday I’ve watched my collegues head out without me, and wished I were with them.  First was their trip to Emeril’s, with reservations at the same time as one of the sessions I wanted to attend, then again last night as they headed home. When I made my travel arrangements, two things were going … Continue reading FETC – Going Home

FETC – Day 2 Session, Part 1

The morning started with a session by Chris Dede of the Harvard Graduate School of Education entitled "NeoMillennial Learning Styles:  Emerging Educational Technologies, Distributed Learning Communities".  While this presentation touched on the same themes covered by Bill Daggart and David Warlick, it did so in the dry pedantic style one might expect from a Harvard … Continue reading FETC – Day 2 Session, Part 1

Disney Downtown

After a long day of conferencing at FETC, the crew decided to try the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney.  Miraculously, we didn’t have to wait at all for a table for nine of us.  I decided that this is not a place for those with ADD.  Every thirty minutes the lights dim, there is a … Continue reading Disney Downtown

FETC – Day 1, Part 2

The third concurrent session with David Warlick was the one I had been looking forward to for today’s sessions.  His session was entitled "Harnessing the New Shape of Information."  With a title like that, I figured it HAD to draw upon David Weinberger’s concepts.  Weinberger’s keynote at NECC focused on the more theoretical aspects of … Continue reading FETC – Day 1, Part 2

FETC – Day 1, part 1

So far I’ve been fairly impressed with all most of the sessions I attended.  I got up early for the Eye-Opener session with Willard Daggart, which proved to be the least interested.   Daggart’s presentation was full of bombast, and seemed bent on shock value, and I seriously doubted some of the numbers and statistics he … Continue reading FETC – Day 1, part 1

Snatch and Grab Sessions

At NECC I commented on the vendor leeches – those that swoop in for the free goodies.  This observation is about the FETC sessions themselves. I really like how technology has changed the face of conference session attendance. Back in my elementary teaching days, I attended a regional science conference in  Charlotte.  It was a … Continue reading Snatch and Grab Sessions

Geekier Than Thou

Man, there is some stiff competition at this conference. I thought my iPod, Palm with keyboard, Nikon S1 and duel phone combination would score beauceau points. Even with the goatee, I was outclassed by ponytails and black attire. Of course, the main problem with my gear is that it’s not the smallest, nor is it … Continue reading Geekier Than Thou