Donkey’s Years

7/18/06 I don’t know why I bothered to get cleaned up for the theater.  The Tube trip to the Theatre District was the hottest, most uncomfortable subway ride I’ve ever taken.  At each station, more people pushed into our already impossible crowded car.  Each time, I couldn’t see how anyone else could get on, but … Continue reading Donkey’s Years

British Museum

7/18/06 We got a slower start this morning.  I got dressed more quickly than Laura, and headed down to the hotel coffee shop where I could get Internet access (at an incredibly exhorbitant price) and post some updates.  My brief 15 minute account wouldn’t let me upload any photos, so readers will have to wait. … Continue reading British Museum

London Update

Finding an Internet connection has been quite a challenge.  I’ve been typing daily posts on my Palm Lifedrive, but have no way of uploading them.  I can’t find a computer that reads SD cards.  That means I can’t upload any images, either.  There will be a glut of posts and pictures upon our return. Laura … Continue reading London Update

The Blue Lagoon

7/17/06 There will always be the inevitible comparisons between my trip of twenty years ago and this one.  The most obvious is that twenty years ago I was broke.  I may wince at the prices this time around, but at least this time I think  I might be able to have a decent meal every … Continue reading The Blue Lagoon

Regal London

7/17/06 Good night of sleep, continental breakfast, and we were ready for our first tour of London.  Until this point I really hadn’t gotten the feel that I was in another country.  For all of our walks around Kensington yesterday, it was almost just like last summer in Philadelphia.  Buildings were close together, people talked … Continue reading Regal London

First Tentative Steps

Hotel Olympia, Kensington 7/16/06 Dawn came abnormally early, as the  lines of longitude were foreshortened both by latitude and speeding eastward.  I got maybe 40 minutes of sleep, and even that was by sheer force of will.  I just don’t sleep on planes. Soon, our in-flight monitors placed us near Ireland, and we could make … Continue reading First Tentative Steps

Dulles to Heathrow

Somewhere over Newfoundland 7/16/06 2:10 AM GMT The trials of actually getting on a flight behind us, this turned out to be a pleasant experience. The in-flight movie choices were great, and the meal was one of the best I’ve had on a plane (the few First Class trips, notwithstanding.) I think all airlines make … Continue reading Dulles to Heathrow

Cheers and Jeers

Dulles Internation Airport 7/16/06 4:50 PM Eastern Time I’m probably not going to be able to post on a regular basis from here on out, so I’ll include location and local time.  Obviously, we’re finally on our way,   and to that end some recognition is in orderr.  Yes, I’m naming names, and in some cases … Continue reading Cheers and Jeers