Snatch and Grab Sessions

At NECC I commented on the vendor leeches – those that swoop in for the free goodies.  This observation is about the FETC sessions themselves. I really like how technology has changed the face of conference session attendance. Back in my elementary teaching days, I attended a regional science conference in  Charlotte.  It was a … Continue reading Snatch and Grab Sessions

Geekier Than Thou

Man, there is some stiff competition at this conference. I thought my iPod, Palm with keyboard, Nikon S1 and duel phone combination would score beauceau points. Even with the goatee, I was outclassed by ponytails and black attire. Of course, the main problem with my gear is that it’s not the smallest, nor is it … Continue reading Geekier Than Thou

FETC 06 – Getting There

Traveling is tiring.  Traveling with a large group can be even more daunting.  Today I took eight of our school tech coordinators to the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC). The flight to Orlando was uneventful, and our hotel let us check in early.  Lunch was leisurely, then we spent most of the rest of the … Continue reading FETC 06 – Getting There

Sunday in Charleston

We had a more leisurely start to the day.  The group gathered for a final talk, and I gave a demonstration of Google Earth, showing where we had walked on Bull Island the previous day.  After that, we headed to the penninsula for a trip to IMax and the SC Aquarium. This route took us … Continue reading Sunday in Charleston

Juniper Run

The decision was not made lightly.  Do we go to Disney World, or do we go camping, kayaking, and four-wheeling?  After spending eight days without power, we figured we had already done the camping thing, but we decided for Ocala National Forest over animated mice. We packed up the convertible and headed out at 6:00 … Continue reading Juniper Run


I am now iPodal and xBoxed. I can now be entertained six ways from Sunday via tiny gadgets with more computing power than the one that powered the early Apollo program. Several of Chip’s friends had gotten xBox 360s, and were unloading their old xBoxes a cut-rate prices. He passed one along to me. So … Continue reading Snowbirds

Rhododendron Cafe

For our final evening in Washington State we decided to visit the Rhododendron Cafe.  There were three reasons for this selection.  First, we had been there before, and the food was good that time.  Secondly, it’s too small to have a Friday night buffet, which is the way many of our favorite seafood joints in … Continue reading Rhododendron Cafe