Fonda Rosalinda’s

Once again, Laura is out of town, and it’s time for me to try some place new.  Rosalinda’s Cafe is located North Pleasantburg, behind BJU.  It’s set back from the road, and can easily be missed.  This was actually the third time I had visited, but the other two times were far enough in the … Continue reading Fonda Rosalinda’s

Corporate Deli

Lunchtime on a Friday on a dark day, and  I decided to try the Corporate Deli.  We had heard about this place for years, but had never gotten around to trying it, even though it’s nearby. Atmosphere I really do wish these places would post clear instructions on how to order – whether or not … Continue reading Corporate Deli

Kabob House Grill

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed Wow – two restaurant reviews in one day, with a movie thrown in to boot.  It must be the last day of Spring Break or something.  After watching an early showing of Sahara, Laura and I decided to try the Kabob House Grill.  Located in an under-used shopping center … Continue reading Kabob House Grill

Market Square Deli

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed Market Square deli opened in the old Schlotski’s location on Wade Hampton after it declared bankruptcy.  The decor has been updated to old-style New York.  It is also apparent that they are striving for a “family-friendly” atmosphere with game nights and other kid-oriented activities.  It’s a nice update, but … Continue reading Market Square Deli

Sticky Fingers

Tonight we decided to try Sticky Fingers downtown.  I had seen these new restaurants popping up here and in Columbia, and wanted to give them a shot.  Apparently the first one was in Mt. Pleasant, and they have spread from there all over the Southeast, with most of their restaurants here in SC. Atmosphere A … Continue reading Sticky Fingers

Rene’s Fishmarket

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed Rule #1 – Never wait in line more than 30 minutes for any restaurant in Greenville.  There are just too many nice places in town. Rule #2 – Even taking into account the first rule, Valentine’s season is a tricky time to find a place to eat in any … Continue reading Rene’s Fishmarket

Burritos, Burritos, Burritos

Sometimes, Taco Hell just isn’t what you’re after, and you don’t have enough time for sit-down with wait staff whose tenuous command of English only includes the phrase, “hot plate.” So to fill this mid-level fast-food niche, several new chains of pseudo-Mexican have popped up. Here’s a quick rundown of three in our area… Senor … Continue reading Burritos, Burritos, Burritos

A Visit to the Acropolis

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed Some restaurant locations are jinxed.  On Wade Hampton Boulevard stands an unusual building with a multipointed roof that has been The Gazebo, Swensens Ice Cream, Driggers Barbecue, and now is the new home of the Acropolis.  I’m hoping the Acropolis can overcome the curse, because their food is superb, … Continue reading A Visit to the Acropolis

Changes in Latitiude

This was supposed to be a review of Latitude, a very nice restaurant on the West End of town.  Instead, it’s a review of The Palms, located in the former Thunderbird Motor Inn, reborn some years ago as the Phoenix Inn. Five of us had reservations for Latitude, but when we arrived, the restaurant had … Continue reading Changes in Latitiude