More Fairfield Flooding

Well, there I am. Right on the front page of the Greenville Cage liner, with a somewhat bewildered look on my face, and a quote from me about County Council continuing to approve building projects that will adversely affect the flooding situation in our neighborhood. One of our neighbors contacted Representative Gloria Haskins, who arranged a meeting with county officials, DOT, and several others. About 30 of us crowd Continue reading More Fairfield Flooding

Christian Exodus

Speaking of strange things in churches, the lunatic right wing group, Christian Exodus, made the front page of the Greenville News again. This group is trying to get other ultra-right wingers to move to South Carolina so that it can secede from the Union (again) and form its own Christian Theocracy. Continue reading Christian Exodus

So Much Spam, So Few Recipes

Since switching over to WordPress, I got my first spam comment. It keyed off the phrase “Fantastic Four” and provided a link to a site where surfers could purchase movies (and probably get their computers locked up with malware.) It was easy enough to delete before it ever saw the light of day, but I worry about how much more of this junk to expect. Back when I had my own home-grown site, spammers couldn’t figure out how to get bots to interact with it, so I was relatively safe. Such is the downside of using an open-source editor. Continue reading So Much Spam, So Few Recipes

Flooding Fairfield

I returned home from Philly to find that our neighborhood had flooded – again.  The torrential rains we had while I was away landed our street in the news just about every day.  It doesn’t take torrential rains.  Just a normal rain will produce a large pool at the end of our stream in which … Continue reading Flooding Fairfield


Here’s a summarized version of the Lifecycle of Bloggers by Min Jung Kim… #1. Start reading blogs.#2. You start a blog.#3. You become a stats whore.#4. You become really personal on your site as the online and real-life worlds start confusing you.#5. You faux “retire” from blogging.#6. You cave back into blogging in less than … Continue reading Metametablogging

Easter Paean

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!He is Risen Indeed! …and with those words begin the traditional liturgy of Easter. My friend Paul, who is Lutheran, says that their liturgy forbids use of the word "Alleluia" during Lent.  I don’t know of any restrictions placed on Presbyterians, but the Fourth Presbyterian Choir tried to overcome such prohibitions with … Continue reading Easter Paean