I Am Fat

WARNING – weight-related, fitness rant ahead. I promise not do do this often. There. I said it. I’m fat. That’s a hard reality to admit out loud. I’ve always hedged a bit by admitting that I’m a bit overweight, but it’s time to face hard facts. I’ve got to lose fifty pounds to get back … Continue reading I Am Fat

Flickr Video Artifacts

Flickr has its flaws, and has come in for some warranted criticism from photographers such as Thomas Hawk in San Francisco for its management practices and failure to keep up with Google+ and other photo-sharing communities. However, I find it a cost-effective service that still meets my needs for both blogging and photography. At last … Continue reading Flickr Video Artifacts

Blogging Drought

Things have been very hectic around our household lately. I worked all last weekend getting ready for school to start, and have spent several late evenings at work this past week. As such, I haven’t done much exploring, paddling, or photography. This weekend we’re hanging around the house trying to catch up with errands. So, … Continue reading Blogging Drought

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