A Thousand Words

In previous posts I have lamented my lack of photography skills. Anytime I find someone who has an artistic eye as well as the skills, I once again lapse into self-loathing of my own meager abilities. Such was the case when I stumbled across Brent Crawford’s new Flickr account. Continue reading A Thousand Words


The additional memory cards I had ordered for my new Nikon CoolPix S1 just arrived.  I already had one 256 MB Secure Digital card, and I ordered two 1 GB Multimedia Cards.  If I’m to believe the little counter on the LCD screen, at normal 5.1 megapixel resolution, I can store nearly 200 images on … Continue reading MegaMemories

A Generation of Lost Photographs

Family photos depict smiling faces: births, weddings, holidays, children’s birthday parties. People take pictures of the happy moments in their lives.  Someone looking through our photo album would conclude that we had led a joyous, leisurely existence, free of tragedy.  No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget.-Sy Parrish, One Hour … Continue reading A Generation of Lost Photographs