Nikon Stunning Gallery

Nikon and Flickr have partnered to create a showcase of photos called the Nikon Stunning Gallery.  Apart from a semi-nude picture of Kate Moss holding the new Nikon S6, it features shots from Flickr that have been selected for inclusion. Guess what?  My Easter egg close-up shot was selected!  Right now it’s on the front … Continue reading Nikon Stunning Gallery


I just realized that I’ve been making a critical error.  I’m still in the "web designer" mindset, so I try to make all of my images as compact and as efficient to load as possible.  To acccomplish this, I’ve been using Photoshop’s "save for web" function.  This holds whether or not the image is to … Continue reading Doh!

Saturday Photo Hunt

I was itching to take some more pictures, but wasn’t sure where to start.  I first headed downtown to the annual Greek Festival at St. George’s Greek Orthodox, hoping to get some action, people, and nice colors.  It was a bit early, and neither the crowds nor the action had started.  I wandered a bit, … Continue reading Saturday Photo Hunt

Downtown Shootings

It was a beautiful evening, so what better than to head downtown with the new camera to take pictures of what thousands of others have photographed – Falls Park. I started snapping everything, slightly modifying the settings for experimentation.  I noticed at least half a dozen people also shooting photos in the park.  I almost … Continue reading Downtown Shootings

Playing with the Camera

I’m getting the hang of this new camera.  It’s simplicity makes taking great shots almost as simple as point-n-click.  On my Nikon N60, I had never really learned how to use the controls like I wanted.  The frugal part of me didn’t want to waste film with experimentation, so I never really got good with … Continue reading Playing with the Camera

Nikon D50

This week has been the perfect storm for consumerism, at least as far as electronic gadgets are concerned.  Last Saturday we got new cell phones, mid-week it was the Blackberry surprise, and today I finally got a digital SLR camera. I’d had my eye on the Nikon D50 for awhile, now.   First, it’s one … Continue reading Nikon D50

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs I just happened to like this intersection of color. These are three Easter eggs that I was getting ready to toss out.  This photo was taken with  Nikon S1 using the internal flash and with Vivid Color mode enabled. Continue reading Easter Eggs

Lost Photographs, revisited

Sometime back I posted about a "Generation of Lost Photographs."  Basically, I stated that we were losing a photographic record of a generation because of the impermenance of digital images.  My original argument still stands – film images are longer lasting and better suited for long-term documentation.  However, there is a unique feature of digital … Continue reading Lost Photographs, revisited

Skagit Valley Views

I absolutely love the Skagit Valley and area surrounding Mount Vernon/Burlington.  If I didn’t have such close ties to South Carolina, I’d move out here in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, many others feel the same way.  Hence, the weather conspiracies, etc. The farmlands above are dotted with Victorian-styled houses and huge old barns.  Something is always … Continue reading Skagit Valley Views