Cool Flickr Discoveries

I’ve come across a couple of cool things on Flickr lately.   First, user "aemkei" has created a cool new bookmarking applet that geotags photos.  The interface is slick, and automatically creates the tags based on an address that has been input.  The developer said that he is working on a way to generate the tags … Continue reading Cool Flickr Discoveries

HDR Photography

I have taken the plunge into High Dynamic Range photography.  Cameras cannot adjust for, nor capture the range of light that our eyes percieve.  Exposure bracketing is a well-known technique whereby the photographer shoots three or more shots of the same thing – slightly changing the settings so that several types of exposure can be … Continue reading HDR Photography

Stunning Again

Nikon Stunning Gallery updated their site today.  My fifth picture to date was included.  Somehow I figured this would be the one chosen…   Since I now have five shots in the gallery, I’ll stop reporting each time one is selected.           …or not.  Continue reading Stunning Again

Dupont Forest Falls

  Such a dilemma – should I relax with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper, or should I venture out once again? I decided on the adventure.  My target for today would be the Dupont State Forest just over the state line in North Carolina.  I’d heard about the abundance of waterfalls in … Continue reading Dupont Forest Falls

More Nikon Stunning Stuff

I had a third image "selected" for the Nikon Stunning Gallery.  I use quotes because I’m not sure what kind of selection process is going on.  In order to place a photo in contention, you add the tag nikonstunninggallery to any of your Flickr photos.  I’m guessing some ‘bot does the processing, because I’ve seen … Continue reading More Nikon Stunning Stuff

Silky Water

In all my ranting about pedestrians, I forgot to post my reason for being out and about yesterday.  The early morning light was quite nice.  I first stopped by the historic Springwood Cemetery downtown and got a few shots.  Next, I headed on over to Falls Park to see if I could get the silky … Continue reading Silky Water


Despite some threatening clouds in our area, we decided to take the convertible up through Pisgah National Forest and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The roads were a bit crowded, as one might expect for a holiday weekend, but the weather held off and we had a nice drive.  I battled the crowds at Looking … Continue reading Parkway