The Three Saludas

I really must have an attraction to flowing water.  It seems that every time I take a drive, I wind up following a river, or crossing the same one multiple times.  Today it was the Saluda. I really needed to repair that damaged hand rail, but this was the first day it hadn’t been stifling … Continue reading The Three Saludas


Flickr has something they call "interestingess" which they use to rank pictures.  This is a weird, caballic combination of views, tags, favorites, etc., which somehow measures how interesting a photo is to the Flickr community.  The photo below is in the top 100 photos for interestingness for those uploaded on July 24.   Even as … Continue reading Interestingness

England Flickr Update

If one had been watching my bandwidth monitor at work at about 5:00 PM yesterday, they would have noticed a significant spike as I uploaded a ton of photos to my Flickr account.  I’m not done yet – there are some Laura needs to sort out.  When I got home last night I did play … Continue reading England Flickr Update

Flickr Cliche’s

First, there was High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography:   Next came fake Lomography:   Then came fake Tilt-Shift:   So here’s my attempt to combine all three of the popular Flickr fads.  The following image was taken with a Nikon D50 SLR with white balance bracketing, processed through Photomatix for HDR and tone-mapping, then processed … Continue reading Flickr Cliche’s

More Tilt-Shift Goodness

Having learned this nifty new technique, I had to go back through my collection of images and see if I had more shots suitable for tilt-shift. The ones below are the results. These really look better in the larger format, so click on the pictures to see the larger images. I’ve gotten where it takes … Continue reading More Tilt-Shift Goodness

Tilt-Shift Fake Miniatures

Some time back, BoingBoing highlighted a photographer who makes fake miniatures of real photographs. The photos are of real scenes, but have been altered in such a way as to make them look like they are model railroad sets, or something similar. The results can be quite astounding, and fool the brain into thinking it’s … Continue reading Tilt-Shift Fake Miniatures

Another Stunner

Red, White, and Blue OK, so I lied. Here’s another that was added to the Nikon Stunning Gallery.  This makes number 6.  I’m surprised they accepted it since it was redone with HDR.  There was no way I could get the bright blue sky balanced with the deep red maple leaves otherwise. [tags]Nikon, HDR, digital … Continue reading Another Stunner

Google Conquers the World

In the last post I mentioned discoveries in Flickr, which is a Yahoo company.  It seems that Google has also been making noises about a product similar to Flickr.  As reported on the Google Earth Blog, Picassa Web is now available in beta format.  Furthermore,  Google Earth can be used to geotag Picassa images directly. … Continue reading Google Conquers the World