Flickr has something they call "interestingess" which they use to rank pictures.  This is a weird, caballic combination of views, tags, favorites, etc., which somehow measures how interesting a photo is to the Flickr community.  The photo below is in the top 100 photos for interestingness for those uploaded on July 24.   Even as … Continue reading Interestingness

England Flickr Update

If one had been watching my bandwidth monitor at work at about 5:00 PM yesterday, they would have noticed a significant spike as I uploaded a ton of photos to my Flickr account.  I’m not done yet – there are some Laura needs to sort out.  When I got home last night I did play … Continue reading England Flickr Update

Flickr Cliche’s

First, there was High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography:   Next came fake Lomography:   Then came fake Tilt-Shift:   So here’s my attempt to combine all three of the popular Flickr fads.  The following image was taken with a Nikon D50 SLR with white balance bracketing, processed through Photomatix for HDR and tone-mapping, then processed … Continue reading Flickr Cliche’s

More Tilt-Shift Goodness

Having learned this nifty new technique, I had to go back through my collection of images and see if I had more shots suitable for tilt-shift. The ones below are the results. These really look better in the larger format, so click on the pictures to see the larger images. I’ve gotten where it takes … Continue reading More Tilt-Shift Goodness

Tilt-Shift Fake Miniatures

Some time back, BoingBoing highlighted a photographer who makes fake miniatures of real photographs. The photos are of real scenes, but have been altered in such a way as to make them look like they are model railroad sets, or something similar. The results can be quite astounding, and fool the brain into thinking it’s … Continue reading Tilt-Shift Fake Miniatures

Another Stunner

Red, White, and Blue OK, so I lied. Here’s another that was added to the Nikon Stunning Gallery.  This makes number 6.  I’m surprised they accepted it since it was redone with HDR.  There was no way I could get the bright blue sky balanced with the deep red maple leaves otherwise. [tags]Nikon, HDR, digital … Continue reading Another Stunner

Google Conquers the World

In the last post I mentioned discoveries in Flickr, which is a Yahoo company.  It seems that Google has also been making noises about a product similar to Flickr.  As reported on the Google Earth Blog, Picassa Web is now available in beta format.  Furthermore,  Google Earth can be used to geotag Picassa images directly. … Continue reading Google Conquers the World

Cool Flickr Discoveries

I’ve come across a couple of cool things on Flickr lately.   First, user "aemkei" has created a cool new bookmarking applet that geotags photos.  The interface is slick, and automatically creates the tags based on an address that has been input.  The developer said that he is working on a way to generate the tags … Continue reading Cool Flickr Discoveries