Laura and I both have had marathon meetings this week.  Even though it was just Tuesday, we felt the need for some downtime.  Laura was in the mood for a mindless episode of Ghost Hunters, and I happened to still have one on my iPod.  I plugged it into the TV, and the vegetation began. … Continue reading Orbs!

Paradigm Shift

  Back when I got my first digital camera, my thoughts were that it would only really be used for web images.  If I wanted something of higher quality, I would use my 35mm SLR.  After all, I could always scan the photos and get really high quality digital images. This last little project with … Continue reading Paradigm Shift

Time Passages

  Despite its flaws, I’ve had a blast with the new Flickr Maps over the past several days.  Seeing my travels laid out so neatly has prompted me to go back into my older photo archives and upload some of those images.  There were quite a few digital images, but most were taken with a … Continue reading Time Passages

More on Flickr Maps

It was as I suspected.  The new Flickr Maps application does not use EXIF data, but some proprietary format.  If there is existing EXIF or GPS data for an image, Flickr can import it, but other than import it doesn’t use that data. This means that if an image is geotagged using Flickr’s handy map … Continue reading More on Flickr Maps

Flickr Maps

Flickr has added a new mapping application to its list of imaging services.  Since Flickr is a Yahoo company it uses the new Yahoo maps.  Google may have an advantage over Yahoo with more accurate maps and integration with Google Earth.  However Flickr does have a slick new interface and a cool map page for … Continue reading Flickr Maps

Upper State Fair

Sunday afternoon Amy, Laura, and I decided to go to the Upper State SC Fair.  It was an odd decision, but we figured it would be fun and different, and I would be able to get some interesting photographs.  While it was all those things, it was also different from what I had expected, and … Continue reading Upper State Fair

Photo theft

I had my first problem with photo theft today.  One of the discussion boards I frequent is UrbanPlanet.org.  There are sections for cities around the US, with Greenville having one of the more active discussion boards on the site.  One of the threads is the Photo of the Day (POTD) thread.  I’ve met several local … Continue reading Photo theft