Shooting RAW

I’ve made the switch. I’m now shooting in RAW format rather than JPG. I can’t get as many shots on a 1 GB SD card, but the amount of control I have over the shot is well worth the sacrifice. I can control white balance and even exposure to some extent in post-production. My first … Continue reading Shooting RAW

Retirement Career

Laura has decided that my career during retirement will be to take photographs, frame them, then try to sell them at booths in various festivals such as Art in the Park. OK, I’m glad she thinks my photos are that good. I, for one, think she’s a bit biased, and that most of the time … Continue reading Retirement Career

Ruby Slippers

  Last week someone posted a Photoshop tutorial to the Digital Photography School entitled "Mono, with a Dash of Colour [sic]."  Basically, the image is desaturate to black and white, with only one bit of color left as a point of interest.  I knew the technique described in the post fairly well, and had used … Continue reading Ruby Slippers

Yellow (not red)

Saturday our god-daughter, Rebecca, celebrated her third birthday. She wanted a "yellow" party, since that’s her favorite color. Most everyone wore yellow, mostly T-shirts and shorts. Here is is mid-December, and it’s in the seventies – quite a change from this time last year. There were yellow cupcakes, yellow crafts, and all manner of other … Continue reading Yellow (not red)

Ho Ho Ho Hat

Flickr has a new Easter Egg (or would that be a Christmas egg?) as part of its programming.  If you place a note on a photo with the phrase "ho ho ho hat", a Santa hat will be added to the image.  Likewise, if you add a note with "ho ho ho beard", a Santa … Continue reading Ho Ho Ho Hat

New Lens

The day began with self-reflection brought on by the funky fog, then had ups and downs along the way.  We had a nice meeting with my tech team, but other difficulties popped up, about which I won’t elaborate here. Laura suprised me at home with presents and a nice meal.  In particular, she got me … Continue reading New Lens

Full Moon

More fun with the Celestron C90.  This shot was taken with my Nikon D50.  It’s kind of fun to take something as fully automatic as a modern digital camera and use in a strictly manual mode. Using another fully manual lens with the D50 – a 1960’s vintage Nikkor 50 mm f 1.4 – I … Continue reading Full Moon


It’s always a sure sign of winter when the mergansers return.  These beautiful ducks grace our lake starting in late November.  These shots were taken with a Celestron C90 telescope attached to my Nikon D50 camera.  As usual, click on the image for a larger view.    Continue reading Mergansers