Scan Happy

It’s a rainy day, and I have the day off.  It’s a perfect day for finally getting some of my photographs organized.  I’ve got two scanners ready – mine that I’ve had for awhile, and one that I borrowed from Chip.  Chip’s has an automatic photo feeder, so I was hoping it would speed up … Continue reading Scan Happy

Veteran’s Day 2006

doughboy hdr 2 It seemed appropriate to take and post this photo on this date. This is the Doughboy statue located on the Furman University campus. The statue had been located on the back side of the lake, and was in need of repair. Sometime in the last year, the statue was refurbished and moved … Continue reading Veteran’s Day 2006


I am now a published photographer.  One of my photos has been included in the Schmap Guide to Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Schmap provides a stand-alone player which can be downloaded.  Guides for various cities from around the world can then be downloaded for viewing in the Schmap player.  These include interactive maps, descriptions of hotels, restaurants, tourist … Continue reading Published

Scenes from I-85

I decided to try a little experiment this morning.  I took my Nikon S1 and mounted it on a mini-tripod.  I then set the camera to "interval" mode so it would take a picture every thirty seconds, ensuring hands-free operation.  I made sure the flash was off, then set the camera on the dashboard of … Continue reading Scenes from I-85


Laura and I both have had marathon meetings this week.  Even though it was just Tuesday, we felt the need for some downtime.  Laura was in the mood for a mindless episode of Ghost Hunters, and I happened to still have one on my iPod.  I plugged it into the TV, and the vegetation began. … Continue reading Orbs!