A River with an Identity Crisis: Paddling Turkey and Stevens Creeks

Turkey and Stevens Creeks-60

Another Second Saturday and time for a Lowcountry Unfiltered adventure. This was actually a cross-over event, with as many participants from the Church of the Double-Bladed Paddle group on Facebook as LCU participants. Granted, two of us were in both groups, but still. The venue was one for the books – Turkey Creek and Stevens Creek in McCormick County turned out to be a waterway with an identity crisis. It didn’t know if it wanted to be Upcountry or Lowcountry. Continue reading “A River with an Identity Crisis: Paddling Turkey and Stevens Creeks”

Newberry Schools and Churches Ramble – Part Three

Bush River Baptist Church and Cemetery-009

NOTE: Once again, I’m playing catch-up. I had interrupted my Newberry ramble with a couple of other posts that were a bit more time-sensitive. Now we’re back to our trip from a couple of weeks ago.

My sister Glynda and I had been on a photo trek across Newberry County searching for old schools and churches. We had left Newberry and dipped down into Saluda County for a bit. We would eventually make our way back to Newberry and make some more discoveries. Continue reading “Newberry Schools and Churches Ramble – Part Three”

Newberry Schools and Churches Ramble – Part One

Hannah Rosenwald 1

Glynda was at our house for dinner and we were looking out the back picture windows with a view of our lake. She made the comment that everything was getting green so fast. We were almost past the point of winter rambling, where vegetation doesn’t obscure the hidden treasures on backwoods roods. We decided it was time for one last photo trek before the leaves set on in earnest, hiding old buildings and other items of interest. Our target area would be Newberry County and parts of Saluda County.

I made my usual trip preparations – recharging camera batteries, scanning Google Earth and Facebook for possible targets, and loading up my GPS with points of interest. My POIs for this trip included several old schools, some of which I’d missed for whatever reason, along with several historic churches and cemeteries. Continue reading “Newberry Schools and Churches Ramble – Part One”

The REAL Children’s Cemetery

Monaghan Cemetery-007

Duncan Chapel Cemetery near Furman University is often called “The Children’s Cemetery.” It’s rumored to be haunted, and paranormal investigators have left toys on the headstones to engage the spirits of the children. Dubious science aside, this whole notion and nickname are based on a false premise. While I was out and about exploring Greenville I made some discoveries that cast doubt on the idea of this being a “children’s” cemetery. Continue reading “The REAL Children’s Cemetery”

Saint Patrick’s Day on Saluda Lake

Saluda Lake Paddling-31

There’s a problem with belonging to several paddling groups on Facebook. Everyone is posting these fantastic shots of their paddling trips, and I start to develop a case of paddling envy. With beautiful weather this past week, I decided I had to get out on the water, even if it was just a short paddle on a local lake. After looking at several options, I decided on Saluda Lake on the west side of Greenville. Continue reading “Saint Patrick’s Day on Saluda Lake”

Florida Spring Break 2016 – Beach Escapes

Avalon Beach-006

So far I’ve documented my paddling trips over spring break – all both of them. We did some other things, too, like take a few midday escapes out to the local beaches on Hutchinson Island. Dealing with an Alzheimer’s patient can be a challenge. We took an occasional escape in the middle of the day while the home help was there. Usually this was to run errands for groceries or other items needed for the house, but a couple of times we were able to get out for some time for ourselves. Continue reading “Florida Spring Break 2016 – Beach Escapes”

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