The Artist Statement Generator

Tom with Elements

I’ve had to write several bios lately for projects with which I’m involved. That reminded me of a link a friend posted on Facebook. Gregg Davis, art teacher at Palmetto High School, had posted a link to The page starts with a letter that can be a bit confusing. However, hidden within the letter is a link to one of the best Artist Statement Generators I’ve seen. Continue reading “The Artist Statement Generator”

Mount Carmel Journey on Friday the 13th

Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church-007

The weather lately has been nasty and not conducive to getting out and exploring. Keith Dover had Friday off, and with the possibility of good weather in the forecast, we decided it was time for another photo ramble. We bounced several possibilities around, but eventually settled on the Mount Carmel area in McCormick County. So, on this past Friday the Thirteenth, we collected Ken Cothran from Clemson, then headed south. Continue reading “Mount Carmel Journey on Friday the 13th”

Chasing Fall Leaves – Table Rock to Whitewater Falls to Jump Off Rock

Whitewater Falls with Fall Leaves-006

While out on my fall leaves ramble with Glynda yesterday I got a text message from friend Ken Cothran. He was out on his own color ramble, and sent me a photo of Whitewater Falls in spectacular foliage. So, on Friday I decided I hadn’t found quite enough leaves. I thought I’d see if I could replicate Ken’s photo, and find a few more colors. Continue reading “Chasing Fall Leaves – Table Rock to Whitewater Falls to Jump Off Rock”

Chasing Fall Leaves – Berry Mill to Hendersonville to Caesars Head

Caesers Head Overlook-007

I realize that the previous post was labeled “Part 1” and the OCD part of me hates leaving it hanging without a conclusion. However, I’m going to do just that, since this is timely, and that is not. The autumn colors have been absolutely fantastic this year, and I’ve had several chances to get out and take photos. Here’s a quick rundown of what I found in Upstate SC and Western NC. Continue reading “Chasing Fall Leaves – Berry Mill to Hendersonville to Caesars Head”

Blue Ridge Getaway

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

Laura has a birthday coming up, but finding a time to celebrate has been problematic. We had decided to go a getaway the weekend before her birthday, but nature dealt us a blow. Our original plans were to head to Charleston and visit the ACE Basin, then head up to Beidler Forest. Obviously, with all of the flooding in the lower part of the state, that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, we decided to head north. I got us tickets for the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. Turned out to be a peak fall color weekend, and a great getaway, even though it wasn’t Charleston. Continue reading “Blue Ridge Getaway”

Fall Paddle on Cascade Lake

Cascade Lake and Hooker Falls-20

The week had been absolutely beautiful. After the rains of last week this was a welcome change. Now we had clear October skies, the kind that make me love fall. It was also warm, and seemed like the perfect opportunity for a paddling trip.

I ran down my list of easy solo paddling venues. There were a couple that piqued my interest, but what I really wanted to do was paddle up to Hooker Falls on Cascade Lake. I was hoping that fall colors would make for some scenic kayaking. Continue reading “Fall Paddle on Cascade Lake”

Taylors to Marietta – A Midweek Ramble

Geer Highway Gas

Even though I haven’t been able to finish my explorations of the Tobacco Trail, I haven’t been sitting idle. Once the rain stopped we had some spectacular weather, and I decided to get out and about. I hit a few spots in the upstate, so this is sort of a miscellany wrap-up of the week. This is part one of about a three-parter. This first part actually took place last week, before the deluge… Continue reading “Taylors to Marietta – A Midweek Ramble”

Spirit of 45 Military Vehicles on the Bankhead Highway

MVPA Convoy Desaturated

There’s a reason I named this blog RandomConnections. The URL RandomThoughts was taken…but that’s beside the point. Time and time again the idea of “random connections” has proved itself to be the more appropriate title, as tenuous threads appear that seem to bind disparate ideas together. Such was the case this past week.

I got a forwarded e-mail from my brother, Stephen, with a note that a historical convoy would be passing through our area. The convoy would feature vintage military vehicles, and I thought it would be a cool photo opportunity. Little did I realize how closely this event would tie right into my recent research and explorations. Continue reading “Spirit of 45 Military Vehicles on the Bankhead Highway”

The Journey Home from Olanta

South Lynchburg Store Sepia

It had been a long day. I had gotten up early and driven down to Orangeburg, then followed the Tobacco Trail along US Highway 301 through Orangeburg and Clarendon Counties. I had crossed over into Florence County into the town of Olanta. I thought about pushing on to the town of Florence, but when I checked my GPS I saw that it was going to take several hours to get home as it was, so it was time to head back. Even so, I made a couple of stops and detours. These were interesting sights worthy of documentation, but I didn’t think they fit with the Tobacco Trail narrative. Continue reading “The Journey Home from Olanta”

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