Paddling Jocassee

Why is it some Indian maiden is always committing suicide for a lost love?  The Appalachian Mountains are littered with the names of these unfortunate young women – Evaleka, Cateechee, Issaqueena, and Jocassee among them – or named for the event itself – Jump-Off Rock in Hendersonville and Blowing Rock as examples.  This weekend Houston … Continue reading Paddling Jocassee

In search of a lake

I have a consistent dream.  In this dream, I arrive at a small town somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina.  A beautiful whitewater river flows next to the town, and artisan shops line the streets.  As this dream has repeated, I have added more and more detail to the town.  The main highway curves … Continue reading In search of a lake

Paddling in Tongues

The horizon is suddenly much closer, and the sound of rushing water is upon you. As you approach the entrance, you look for the tongues – the flat patches that indicate where the rocks aren’t. You pull hard on the paddle, trying to stay on the line you’ve chosen and not wind up on the … Continue reading Paddling in Tongues

Take me to the river…

One turbine running at 100% – ideal conditions for a run down the Green. Unfortunately, hundreds of others, mainly on inner tubes, also thought so. Despite the crowds, Bob and I still had a good run. Dodging the float bubbas was not unlike my daily commute on I-85. With the fast river conditions, crowds, and … Continue reading Take me to the river…

Enoree River Paddle

Two posts in one day. Oh boy. Bob and I got to our meeting spot at the take out on the Tyger River, only to find “No Tresspassing” signs everywhere. I can understand trying to keep the random idiots off your land who want to trash the place, but I wish they could differentiate between … Continue reading Enoree River Paddle