Paddling Lake Fairfield

I had been paddling on Lake Cunningham twice in as many weeks, so I decided it was time to give our little backyard lake another try. Large snapping turtles and burrowing water rodents had made a mess of our bank, so I really don’t have a good canoe/kayak launch anymore. Also, the siltation has gotten … Continue reading Paddling Lake Fairfield

Paddling Resume’

Tom Kayak OOB

In case you haven’t noticed, I love to paddle. My preference is for moving water, but a nice flatwater paddle on a river or lake can be fun, too. I started this obsession when I was about fifteen, running the Enoree River with my high school buddies in an army surplus inflatable raft that had more patches than original material. College years were more adventurous trips in large whitewater rafts, or lazy floats in inner tubes. When I started teaching I could afford a cheap Coleman canoe (which I still have), and now I paddle a Perception Torrent sit-in-top whitewater kayak. This being said, I have now put together my paddling resume’ in Google Earth KMZ format. Continue reading “Paddling Resume’”

Dancing on the Tuck

This year has not been good for paddlers.  The drought has lowered water tables across the region, making many rivers unrunable.  The best bet for a decent paddle are those rivers that are dam-controlled, such as the Green, Nantahala, and Tuckaseegee.  Even then, you’re in for a rough, rock-strewn ride, as evidenced by my last … Continue reading Dancing on the Tuck

Green River Lite

All the float bubbas, half the water. – Bob It’s been quite awhile since we’ve run the Green River. It had gotten so crowded and crazy that we had been looking for alternatives for our paddling trips. Another paddling friend had told me that things had changed on the Green. The authorities were really cracking … Continue reading Green River Lite

Green River Crosses

I was lamenting to a paddling friend about the woes of the Green River. The number of float bubbas had increased to the point that it made paddling the lower Green less fun than it might be. In fact, we had started paddling the Tuckaseegee more than the Green because it was less crowded. My … Continue reading Green River Crosses

South Saluda Run

The Time Lords were not happy.  However, it was an accident.  I didn’t mean to bring Sunday’s paper into the house before it was actually Sunday, and when I recognized my mistake, I quickly stepped back out and left the vile thing on the bench outside until Sunday arrived.  However, the damage had been done.  … Continue reading South Saluda Run