Green River Lite

All the float bubbas, half the water. – Bob It’s been quite awhile since we’ve run the Green River. It had gotten so crowded and crazy that we had been looking for alternatives for our paddling trips. Another paddling friend had told me that things had changed on the Green. The authorities were really cracking … Continue reading Green River Lite

Green River Crosses

I was lamenting to a paddling friend about the woes of the Green River. The number of float bubbas had increased to the point that it made paddling the lower Green less fun than it might be. In fact, we had started paddling the Tuckaseegee more than the Green because it was less crowded. My … Continue reading Green River Crosses

South Saluda Run

The Time Lords were not happy.  However, it was an accident.  I didn’t mean to bring Sunday’s paper into the house before it was actually Sunday, and when I recognized my mistake, I quickly stepped back out and left the vile thing on the bench outside until Sunday arrived.  However, the damage had been done.  … Continue reading South Saluda Run

Juniper Run

The decision was not made lightly.  Do we go to Disney World, or do we go camping, kayaking, and four-wheeling?  After spending eight days without power, we figured we had already done the camping thing, but we decided for Ocala National Forest over animated mice. We packed up the convertible and headed out at 6:00 … Continue reading Juniper Run

Tuckaseegee II

I almost chickened out. TS Cindy flooded most of the Southeast on Thursday. The Tuck was running at 5.8 feet above normal, Hurricane Dennis was scheduled for landfall today, and it was cloudy in Greenville – all ingrediants for disaster. Despite certain doom, I loaded up the kayak and headed toward Dillsboro to meet Bob and Roxanne. After a slight memory slip as to the location of the put-in, I found Bob and Roxanne and unloaded the boats. The river didn’t look too rough, and a local raft company was getting ready to launch with children on board. We figured if kids could take it, we could handle what the Tuck might throw at us. Continue reading Tuckaseegee II

Paddling Jocassee

Why is it some Indian maiden is always committing suicide for a lost love?  The Appalachian Mountains are littered with the names of these unfortunate young women – Evaleka, Cateechee, Issaqueena, and Jocassee among them – or named for the event itself – Jump-Off Rock in Hendersonville and Blowing Rock as examples.  This weekend Houston … Continue reading Paddling Jocassee

In search of a lake

I have a consistent dream.  In this dream, I arrive at a small town somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina.  A beautiful whitewater river flows next to the town, and artisan shops line the streets.  As this dream has repeated, I have added more and more detail to the town.  The main highway curves … Continue reading In search of a lake

Paddling in Tongues

The horizon is suddenly much closer, and the sound of rushing water is upon you. As you approach the entrance, you look for the tongues – the flat patches that indicate where the rocks aren’t. You pull hard on the paddle, trying to stay on the line you’ve chosen and not wind up on the … Continue reading Paddling in Tongues