Paddling to Willtown on the Edisto

Our Second Saturday paddle for March turned out to be the First Saturday this year. With all of the Coronavirus scare, that was probably a good thing (though kayaking is an excellent way to socially distance). For this trip we decided to check out a new stretch of the Edisto River. We would put in on Penny Creek and take out at the historic Willtown Bluff. Along the way we would see the remains of old rice plantations and some beautiful scenery. Continue reading Paddling to Willtown on the Edisto

Exploring Berry Shoals Pond from Tygerberry

For many years I drove over the bridge over the South Tyger River at Berry Shoals, looking longingly at the old steel trestle bridge downstream and the twin lakes of Berry Shoals Pond and Silver Lake. I wanted to explore the area. However, I was always in route to one of my schools or on some other school district business, so I never got a chance to explore…until now. Sadly, my explorations were cut short, all for want of a hat. Continue reading Exploring Berry Shoals Pond from Tygerberry

Blog Procrastination

It’s strange how procrastination operates, especially when blogging. I like to keep things as current as possible, but sometimes I get behind. That’s when a vicious cycle kicks in. I feel like I can’t write about new things until I’ve covered some of the events I’ve missed, then I get to a point where the backlog seems insurmountable. At that point procrastination becomes stagnation. Continue reading Blog Procrastination