Big happenings in Duncan

…They say they’re going to open up the baseball field at 7:30 for kids. You know, with all those blow up toys that kids can jump on. Plus, there’s going to be a bunch o’ people camping out to make sure they get their tickets… …There’s also gonna be that triathalon thing. They gonna start … Continue reading Big happenings in Duncan


Overheard from parents waiting for children at school… I don’t care how good the team is, or whose paying for it.  Ain’t no high school football player needs a $10,000 scoreboard. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was closer to $300,000.  Continue reading Jumbotron

Cool phone! No, really!

Some of our Nextel phones are deactivated for personnel that don’t work over the summer.  Hence, the following conversation… School administrator:  Has my phone been reactivated? Maintenance:  It should be.  These were turned back on last week.  Why don’t you turn it on and see if you get a signal? School administrator:  OK, let me … Continue reading Cool phone! No, really!

River Jordan

So, do you have any plans to travel for the Fourth? No, I’m was on vacation last week, and I’m heading to London in a couple of weeks. I’ve never wanted to go to London or any other place in Europe.  I’ve only been to the Holey Land. (Vain attempt is made to disguise eye-rolling … Continue reading River Jordan

A Bit Too Personal

Setting:  Chorale Rehearsal Situation:  Going over articulation and places to breathe in Daniel Gawthrop’s "Behold This Mystery." Text:  Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Not suffering or distress, not famine or nakedness, not peril or sword. Singer – "Do you break after nakedness?" Me – "Well, quite frequently, but that’s really none … Continue reading A Bit Too Personal


Dirt, Dirt, Dirt People are always moving it.  We walk on it and live on it, but nobody ever seems satisfied with the dirt they got.  People are always taking the dirt they have and moving it somewhere else. I assume this outburst was prompted by a dump truck that was passing by.  However, I’ve … Continue reading Dirt